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get rid of pigeons

How to get rid of pigeons? (Humanely)

Do you have a pigeon problem around your property or business? If you do, then you have stumbled on the perfect article to help you get rid of them. Pigeons are said to be a very relentless nuisance for those who live in or near a city. They usually make themselves at home on various windowsills and balconies, causing damage and making a mess wherever they go. Pigeon droppings contain acid which could result in leaving the roof in very bad shape. Their nests also can lead to several blockages of ventilation ducts or drains which can sometimes cause fires.

While you are thinking of ways on how to get rid of pigeons, you should keep in mind that these birds are vermin and are definitely not clean birds. They can spread diseases and can quite frankly, as discussed earlier, be a complete nuisance. Pigeons are destructive to your property and garden plus they harbor other types of vermin and pest species which are quite challenging to eradicate. To say they leave a mess in their path is just like saying that a hurricane may be a bit windy.

Some people actually love the company of these birds as they believe it could add to the beauty of their plants in the balcony garden. While to others, they are seen as big problems. Before these birds start to feel comfortable in your home and create a bigger mess, it is advisable for you to find a solution in driving them away. The solutions mentioned below can help you get rid of pigeons in a humane manner.

Eliminate Food Source
The first thing you must do is eliminating the sources of food they have. If you have a bird feeder, you would definitely need to take it down. It is also important that your garbage can lids are always closed tightly. If you have dogs or cats around, don’t leave their food dishes outside. These are just some of the various things that make your home a desirable stop for these birds. If you take away their food supply, they will move on.

Water Deterrent

Another helpful tip, in the first instance when you see the birds, is to spray them with water from a hosepipe or sprinkler. Water stops pigeons from flying as often as they like, therefore, these birds do not like being sprayed by water. It definitely won’t hurt them, but would prevent them from settling down on your property or business. However, if you decide to wait until they feel comfortable and set up home, it could be too late. So, the best thing is to scare them off while you can.

Bird Spikes

You could also spike the handrail as this can stop the birds from being able to land which in turn stops them from flying over and making your home their place of comfort. The spikes could be cable tied on the rail. This does not harm the bird (since they are all blunt cut), it would just stop the birds from being able to land at that particular space.

Another thing I suggest you could do is to put or spray repellant in the nesting areas. The majority of these repellents are described as not hazardous to the pigeons, which is good if you do not want a big cleanup. This simply irritates the pigeons so they won’t want to stay around. There are so many commercial repellents you can get, like B-ST, or maybe you could use things like mothballs or alternatively WD-40. Mothballs and B-ST produce an odor these birds simply don’t like. Oil also is a deterrent to pigeons, because it has the added effect of being slick, and they definitely don’t like the fact that they can’t get a grip. This is also a measure that helps to scare them away.

If you decide to use a more organic method, then spices should be considered. You can use any type of spice.

The most common include chili powder, cinnamon, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Sprinkle this around the areas the pigeons frequent. It may include window sills, railings, or rooftops, etc.

It would require you to apply them frequently though. It makes it even more effective. Once the birds get a feel of it, they wouldn’t want to hang around the space anymore. The surroundings would become a no-go area.

Other Methods
Some other pretty cool and very simple way to get rid of pigeons from your surroundings could be by purchasing a plastic owl or a snake and placing it on your property. Pigeons are more afraid of these two creatures and will definitely stay away which could put an end to your pigeon problem.

You could also decide to bait the birds. You could do this by feeding the birds frequently for a certain period, which could be a week or two. It should be done often since there’s a need to establish a routine and build trust with them. Once they get used to picking up the food, you can then feed them a tranquilizer or an immobilizer. This would enable them to be transported safely somewhere else without harming them.

In conclusion, pigeons are said to be a real pain if your surroundings become overrun with them. Eradicating them from your space will take some patience but acting swiftly using the methods discussed are several means that you could use to avoid these birds from roosting, scavenging and messing in and around your property. It is important that you keep in mind that these pigeons have been occupying these areas nearby for generations. They can actually survive on any type of sustenance, and they breed year-round. Persistence is key in eradicating these birds, and their descendants in the long-run.