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Off my property


Everyone loves the outdoors. It’s the reason why most of us spend so much time on lawns, yards, and gardening. There are many things to do on your property as a way of relaxing. However, heartbreak occurs when you go outside your home and see ugly patches of soil on your perfectly mowed grass.

Moles have been labelled as the enemy of gardening. These little creatures do not care what you have going on in your property, they will come in, burrow into the soil with their sharp little snouts, and destroy your little paradise in the process. It is a sight no homeowner wants to see. If you have a property located in the suburbs, then you know mole infestations are a common occurrence. Read on to find out how to keep moles off your property for good.

  1. Build a fence
    Although this is hardly effective once the infestation has started, you still have a high chance of keeping moles off your property if they haven’t already entered or have left. Make sure you build sturdy wire fences and always go around the perimeter to check for signs of digging.
  2. Homemade remedies
    Many homemade products have been said to be effective against moles. For example, moles have been shown to dislike the smell of garlic so introducing garlic around the perimeter of our property can keep them away. Castor oil mixed with cayenne pepper has also been known to chase off moles. The only problem with these homemade remedies is that the effects usually fade off after a short time, therefore, reapplication is necessary.
  3. Make food scarce
    Moles are always on the hunt for food and they are up all night long burrowing in search of it. Their diet mainly consists of slugs, earthworms, and other crawling insects they can find in the soil.  Getting rid of any food source you may have on your property is wise to do. Make sure to get rid of all earthworms, slugs, and beetles you can find and destroy their hiding spots. Pesticides may be useful in achieving this. Once your property no longer contains food for the moles, it becomes unattractive to them and they pack up and leave.
  4. Try camouflage
    Moles are territorial and may not want to share their space with another mole colony. You can get a device that makes a similar sound to that of a mole and place it around your property. This sound may discourage moles from coming to your property as they will think another mole colony lives there.

It is important to remember that keeping moles off your property requires continuous efforts combined with a lot of trial and error. If one method has failed in the past, be sure to try other ones. You will find that combining two or more strategies may work better than pursuing just one.