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Get rid of Geese

How to keep Canadian geese off my property? (humanely)

It can be fun to spot a flock of Canadian geese flying overhead, but when Canadian geese decide that they enjoy living on your property, it can cause all sorts of havoc and damage. If you repeatedly notice that Canadian geese are returning to your property, then you must deal with the problem as quickly as possible to avoid damage to your home and potentially even aggressive geese attacks. The following guide will help you learn how to keep Canadian geese off your property humanely.

How to keep Canadian geese off your property (humanely!)

First, it’s important to note that geese are protected under certain laws. You cannot kill geese without a proper permit, such as a regulated hunting license or a lethal removal permit. The following methods are intended to allow you to remove geese from your property humanely, without hurting or killing them.

Make your property unappealing to geese

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your property is as unappealing to geese as possible. Geese choose a property that feels safe to them, especially if they are scoping out potential nesting grounds. Some of the ways that you can make your property unappealing include:

  • Grow tall grass; tall grass will make geese feel less secure since predators could be lurking inside the grass. You can also plant tall bushes, shrubs, and similar greenery.
  • Build a fence around your yard; geese are extremely unlikely to jump over your fence, so you can reduce the amount of “walk-ins” by geese flocks with a fence. However, geese may still decide to land on your property if they are flying overhead.
  • Allow your dog to roam safely in the yard; geese fear predators, so if you have a dog you may make your property unappealing by allowing your dog to safely roam in your yard. This can include letting your dog walk unleashed inside a secure, completely enclosed fence or allowing your dog outside on a long chain. Make sure that your dog does not try to harm the geese; the goal is to let your dog intimidate geese through its presence or at most, barking.

Play loud noises to scare away geese
Another way that you can get geese off your property is by playing loud noises. Geese are frightened of loud noises since they could be potential predators. Some ideas for loud noises include loud music,  recorded dog barking or other animal noises, banging pots and pans, and so on. However, it’s important to note that geese may get acclimated to loud noises over time. You can help reduce the chances that geese will be acclimated by alternating the loud noises you make every so often.

Don’t feed geese or leave food sources out

Finally, you must remember to never feed geese on your property or leave food sources available outside. Geese will associate your property with an easy meal, which is a surefire invitation to geese looking for a place to stay.

If you have geese on your property and you want them removed humanely, don’t forget to use the above tips.