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Beaver acting strange

What to do if a beaver is Not Scared of People, Acting Strange or is Aggressive?

Beavers are large rodents commonly found in North America. They are the second largest animals in the rodent family. Beavers, like all members of their genus, are little trouble makers. They cause destruction anywhere they choose to settle into as their habitat. When left in the wild, these animals do well to survive without disrupting the peace of humans.

The problem arises when they venture into areas where humans live. They can set up shop in your yards and slowly wreak havoc. They can hack into trees and cut them down with their teeth. The worst situation is having a beaver that is acting aggressive or strange. There have been reports of beavers attacking humans or pets, or not acting scared when seen by humans.

Beavers are known to be extremely territorial and will attack if their territories are being invaded. Other times, they may attack humans if they’re rabid (infected by the Rabies virus). Rabies is an extremely dangerous virus and can cause death in humans. It is therefore necessary to take immediate action if you notice a beaver behaving erratically. Here are some things to do if you notice a beaver that is acting strange or being aggressive:

  1. Avoid beaver habitats
    Unless they are close to your home and you have no choice but to be in contact with them, try as much as possible to stay clear of beavers and their habitats. This might not be a more permanent solution but it will help you prevent an attack. If you notice any strange behavior such as beavers coming out during the day (as beavers are nocturnal animals, day sightings are usually rare, unless there is something wrong), try to avoid the sightings.
  2. Report to wildlife control or proper authorities
    Contact the necessary authorities if you notice strange behavior in beavers. Beavers are usually not confrontational and will run away when sighted. If you come across a beaver that is not scared or running when you come close and is acting strange, make sure the case is reported to animal or wildlife control immediately. Do not try to catch or trap them yourself as this may lead to an attack. As mentioned above, they may be carrying dangerous diseases so you want to avoid being bitten.
  3. Set up a security perimeter
    Beavers are known for their excellent building skills. They build dams and make ponds out of virtually any material they can find. To ensure that you don’t have any contact with them, set up a security perimeter around your property to keep them out until help comes. Do not bother with destroying their dams and holes because they will have it rebuilt overnight. The best thing to do when you sight a beaver that is behaving strangely is to alert the authorities immediately and stay away from such beaver until they show up.