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Abandoned bat

What Should I Do if I Find an Orphaned or Abandoned Bat?

When you come across stray animals, there is a chance that they are abandoned. Take note that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, they are simply lost from the rest of their family. Before you go ahead and take in an animal that you assume to be abandoned, take your time to observe them and whether or not they have a family to go back to. This applies to different kinds of animals, from cats and dogs, to bats and squirrels.

With bats, despite being animals of the wild, they can get abandoned by their families too. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not easy to rehabilitate a bat on your own since they have their own way of living.

If you find a bat that looks lost and is alone, wait for a day to see if they will be return to their habitat if other bats will come to look for it. If the bat still appears to be lost, it may be completely abandoned. 

Here’s what to do if you come across an abandoned or orphaned bat:

  • Keep your hands to yourself.
    First thing’s first, when you encounter a bat in this state, do not touch it with your bare hands. Bats can easily transmit different diseases to humans, neither are they comfortable with suddenly being held by people. Even if you won’t be in direct contact with the bat, it’s always important to stay protected. Wear gloves or cover up your hands before you attempt to help the bat.
  • Prepare a durable container.
    Bats are generally known for being good escapees. To make sure you can secure the bat in the container, look for one that is durable and large enough for the bat’s size. It would be best if you can close the container tightly or seal it with other materials such as tape. When choosing a container, it’s also important to put air holes on it beforehand so as to not suffocate the bat once they are trapped inside.
  • Capture the animal with care.
    When capturing the bat, make sure you do so carefully. An abandoned bat isn’t trying to do any harm. If anything, it might even be much more terrified than you. Bats are still animals after all, so treat them with care when handling them. Approach them quietly and slowly place the container on them. Do so without hurting the bat particularly its wings. After you’ve done so, carefully slide the lid underneath it. Once the lid is in place, you can shut the container or seal it up.
  • Contact professionals.
    Get in touch with a professional once the bat has been contained. You would want to contact a veterinary clinic, wildlife rehabilitator, or animal control agency nearby and simply bring the bat over to them.