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Keep woodpeckers away

How to Keep Woodpeckers Away

Woodpeckers are a fascinating species of bird and serve their place in the environment and ecosystem. Sometimes those woodpeckers become an issue when they see a
beautiful wooden home or property and decide to nest or feed there. Woodpecker damage can be unsightly and costly, not to mention the irritating noise they make. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so the saying goes. This saying holds when considering problem woodpeckers. Keeping woodpeckers away from your home or property, instead of getting rid of a problem woodpecker, will save you time, frustration, and money. Here we will address some methods you may want to consider employing if you are planning to tackle woodpeckers before they become an issue.

Pest Control
Woodpeckers are attracted to the food they like, including bugs and insects, as well as fruits and seeds. You may have an underlying infestation problem in your home and not even know it. Consider treating your house for pests regularly to avoid drawing the attention of hungry woodpeckers.

Noise Control
Keep woodpeckers away using specially-made ultra-high frequency sound emitting devices. These devices emit noise that is out of range of human hearing but will
certainly deter those birds. Animal soundtracks may also help to keep woodpeckers at bay, but this might be less desirable, especially to your neighbors.

Fake predatory bird statues, like owls, will also keep woodpeckers away – they cannot tell the difference between a real bird and a fake one.

Bird Spikes
Installing bird spikes on any bird-convenient ledges will prevent any woodpeckers (or any birds) from being able to make a landing on your house.

Tree Removal
Removing any dead trees around your property will remove areas for bugs and insects to live and take away tempting food sources for woodpeckers, who will hopefully lose interest in your place.

Netting – and hardware cloth – will ensure no woodpecker can even get near the wood on your home as it will not be able to get past the specialized netting.

Birdhouses and bird feed
Creating an alternative nesting arrangement and food source with seeds and nuts may be enticing enough to keep the woodpeckers away from your house.

Reflective streamers and tape
Woodpeckers do not like going near shiny and bright flowing objects – cladding your property with bright or reflective tape, and streamers will keep them away for sure.

Chemical treatment 
Some specialist paints come laced with a chemical that is a deterrent to woodpeckers – it has a taste that is unpleasant to them. Coating your home, or problem areas of your property, with this chemical will ensure woodpeckers do not peck anywhere near you.

Using a combination of these methods -or all of them – will hopefully ensure that you do not need to address removing problem woodpeckers because you have been successfully able to keep them all away. As previously mentioned, once a woodpecker decides to nest or forage for food on your house, it can cause significant damage and will cost a lot to repair. By investing some money for prevention, you’ll save money – and time- in the longer run.