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Squirrel acting strange

What to do if the squirrel is not scared of people, acting strange, or is aggressive?

The tree squirrel has become progressively adapted to North American urban life. If you are in the USA, you can hardly walk outside without seeing this little cute rodent. In the urban areas, they allow you to approach at a much closer distance without feeling endangered. They are foragers and would never attack unless to escape. What should you do if they are not scared of people, acting strange or aggressive? Let’s find out together!

What to do if the squirrel is not scared of people:
The squirrel is unafraid of humans and usually treats them nicely. They try to get information about the people near them. For instance, they obtain information such as could you become their playmate or be a source of food? If you tame the squirrels in your area, they will become less fearful and cautious of people. So if you fed them, they would come to trust you. To avoid this situation, don’t interact with them. It would be far better if you build proper nesting boxes and put food around your home to watch their behavior from your terrace or window.

What to do if the squirrel is acting strange:
Squirrels sometimes show a lot of strange behavior such as, they flick their tails, spread out on the ground, make grunting noises, etc.

When squirrels flick their tails constantly:
The tails of squirrels have two functions: to give a signal to each other and keep balance in the trees. When they flick their tails constantly, it is a sign of communication. Squirrels are likely signaling to the nearby squirrel hidden in trees. Don’t interfere with them when they flick their tails.

Squirrels laying spread out on the ground:
Squirrels have thick lovely fur on their body. In the summer season or hot days, they need to sweat to cool down, and their sweat glands are in their paws. So, they lie out on their stomach, and their paws are free to sweat. You will rarely see them stretch out on the ground, especially with predators around. Let them keep cool, don’t disturb them. 

When a squirrel makes a grunting sound: 
Squirrels make grunting sounds when someone invades their personal space. Sometimes it is just like a low-key barking noise. You will hear it in the summer or spring when they mate. Leave them alone and don’t invade their personal space.

When you hear the squirrel whistle or an annoyed “whee”:
You will hear the squirrel whistle when you touch their stuff while removing the empty nutshells and cleaning their cage. Moreover, squirrels make an annoyed “whee” kind of whistle that indicates they are not happy. Try not to annoy them.

What to do if the squirrels act aggressively: 
Generally, squirrels are not very aggressive. They treat humans well and easily become used to people. But they can be aggressive and jump at you when you come in their way, in order to protect their nests. This occurs when people get close to them and feed them, which is bad for you and them. It’s the big reason why squirrels become aggressive and occasionally attack people. So, to avoid this situation, don’t feed them with your hands.