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Get rid of rats

How to get rid of rats? (Humanely)

Rats can be rather annoying pests to have to deal with, especially when they attempt to infest one’s home. There are multiple ways to go about getting rid of these rats, but some prefer to go about it in a way that is more humane than simply laying out various poisons all across the home and yard. Fortunately, there are a couple of these more humane ways to go about removing these pests.

Note: one can go about using these removals themselves, but it is always a good idea to consult with a professional both before undertaking these methods and after if they do not work as expected.

  1. Live Traps
    The first of these more humane ways to remove rats are live traps. These traps are for those who are seeking to avoid killing the rats who have infested the area, and are looking to simply remove them. However, these traps require regular check-ups and resources to maintain their humaneness. Food, water and nesting material should be included in these traps so as to not allow the trapped rats to starve or die of dehydration. The trap must also be inspected thoroughly so that it does not trap the rats tail or catch some other body part when closing.These traps need to be inspected every morning to see if they have caught any of the rats. Leaving the rat to die slowly in these cages is most certainly not a way to remove them humanely. These rats can then be relocated to either the wild or a nearby veterinary clinic. Those released into the wild do tend to die rather quickly, so some prefer to leave them to local veterinary clinics in order to have them killed there in a humane way.
  2.  Snap Traps
    The second humane method of getting rid of rats from a home are snap traps. These traps are quicker than the live trapping method, though some do not like it as it means that there is the possibility of handling dead rats. These traps should also be checked every morning in order to see if any rats were caught and if they might still be alive so that the homeowner can end their suffering. The snap traps are designed in such a way as to kill the rat as quickly and painlessly as possible, thus, making it more humane in nature than some of the poison traps on the market. This is especially true since those poison traps usually contain chemicals, called anticoagulants, which cause the rodent to die slowly and painfully from internal bleeding.

    When using snap traps, one should make sure that they are well designed. It should kill the rat quickly and be easy to reset. When luring rats into these traps, the bait should only be placed within the marked bait area and keep the rest of the trap clean of any food matter. Peanut butter, nuts and fruits are all valid types of bait for these traps. If one bait isn’t working, switching to another type usually does.