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Get rid of Raccoons

How to get rid of raccoons? (Humanely)

Raccoons can be cute—but not so much when they’re inside your house, tearing up your insulation and creating holes in your roof. Raccoons can cause some serious and extensive damage to your home, including but not limited to: creating holes in your roof, chewing on electrical wires and damaging your electrical system, damaging HVAC systems, destroying insulation, destroying pipes, and much more. It’s
important that you have raccoons removed from your home as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Raccoons can and should be removed humanely. Thankfully there are numerous ways that you can humanely remove raccoons from your home; the following are some of the best ways to humanely get rid of raccoons.

Make loud noises to deter raccoons from staying
Raccoons will typically not stay somewhere that does not feel safe, and you can help your home feel less safe for raccoons by making loud noises. You should try to concentrate the noise to the area where the raccoons are staying, such as the attic or other areas of the home. Loud noises that may deter raccoons include playing loud music, playing a loud TV program, banging pots and pans and similar disturbing

Shine bright lights in the area where raccoons are staying
Raccoons want to feel unnoticed and protected from predators, and you can eliminate their feeling of security in the darkness by shining bright lights into the area where the raccoons have nested. This can be done with large lanterns, flashlights, and even interior spotlights. You may need to shine more than one light, depending on where the raccoons have decided to create a nest. Try to aim the light inside the
nest for maximum exposure.

Place vinegar-soaked rags or bowls of vinegar in the area
Another way that you can make your home unappealing to raccoons is by making it smell awful for them. Raccoons do not like the smell of vinegar, so one way to remove them humanely is to place bowls of vinegar or rags soaked in vinegar around the area where the raccoons are staying. If possible, place the bowls or rags as closely as possible (or even inside, if it is safe) to the nest.

Hire a professional
If all else fails, you will want to hire a professional to have the raccoons removed humanely from your home. In some cases, the raccoons may be too stubborn to leave or they may have found themselves trapped without an effective means to leave your home. The raccoons could also have babies, which means that the adult raccoons won’t leave the nest even with loud noises, annoying smells and bright lights. A professional will be able to locate and remove any dependent babies along with the adult raccoons.

After you have had raccoons removed from your home, don’t forget to assess the damage they have done so that it can be repaired promptly and professionally. And remember, if you want to remove raccoons humanely from your home, keep the above tips in mind.