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moles out of garden


In the natural order of things, every creature has a purpose that they serve but when the existence of one creature directly impacts others, then problems arise. This is exactly the root of the problem between humans and moles. Humans have the need to make their surroundings beautiful. They do this by creating beautiful gardens for relaxation and sometimes food.

The threat to these beautiful gardens is moles. In order to maintain a beautiful and neatly maintained garden, moles have to be absent from your property. For one, they like to burrow into the soil and make tunnels. In the process of creating these tunnels, they destroy the plant and vegetation in the garden leaving you disappointed and angry. When this happens, it becomes paramount to evict these animals and make sure they stay out. Some of the ways you can do that are highlighted below:

  1. Trap them
    This is one of the most effective ways of keeping moles out of your garden. Buy a humane trap from your local hardware store and set it to trap the moles. You may choose to hand them over to relevant authorities or release them into the wild by yourself. Just make sure to move very far away from your property or anyone else’s before releasing them. For traps to work, however, you must have an idea of how many moles you are dealing with and where they will most likely build their tunnels. You can use past experiences to judge where they will burrow into.
  2. Use ultrasonic devices
    These devices can help mimic mole noises to discourage them from coming or make high pitched noises that repel them.
  3. Get pets
    Owning a cat or a dog is very effective at warding off moles from your garden. Pets can identify which tunnels are being used and chase the moles. Moreover, pests are usually scared of bigger predators and would not come near if they even smell them.
  4. Get rid of their food
    Moles love environments where they can find plenty of insects and grubs. Using their own food against them might be the key to make sure they do not attack your garden. One thing that is highly effective is castor oil. Mix some castor oil and detergent together in a gallon of water. Spray all slugs and earthworms you can find in the vicinity and also spray the entrance of the mole tunnels in your garden. They will not use the tunnels if they sense the smell. This method is quite inexpensive, however, continuous reapplication is needed for it to be effective
  5. Repellents
    There are many repellents on the market today that may be effective in making sure that moles stay away. Repellents work by deterring the moles from coming close to your garden. Many homemade repellents such as pepper and castor oil work best to keep them out, although constant reapplication may be required. Baits and traps are also effective in keeping them away.