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Get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice? (Humanely)

As much as we don’t like to say it, mice are still animals trying to survive in a complex ecosystem. Unfortunately, human-mouse interaction is usually through poisoning, which can sometimes feel too extreme. Thankfully, this article is in your best interest in getting rid of mice in a humane manner.

While mice mean no harm to us, the mere presence of these unwanted visitors in your home can result in problems. What’s more, with the aim of trying to control them, we end up eradicating their population through killing them. To many, exterminating mice might sound like the only solution to get rid of them, but truth be told, it’s not. There are other effective, yet less extreme ways, in getting rid of mice.

Top 5 ways of humanly getting rid of mice:

  1. Seal the entry points
    The best and most effective way is sealing the entry points of these mice. That’s before the mice find this route and invade your home. This might prove to be challenging since mice can squeeze through any tight spot, but it’s not impossible.You can use a pencil to properly know if a space is ample enough for a mouse to squeeze through. The next step is to seal all cracks in the walls, including where the vents and utility pipes are. More importantly, you should avoid using rubber, plastic, or wood as sealants since these are products that mice can easily gnaw through.
  2. Good Sanitation
    Maintaining proper sanitation is also another effective way of trying to reduce the chances of an invasion of mice in your home. But that doesn’t mean maintaining cleanliness will scare them away. However, poor sanitation will most definitely attract mice to your home. Mice generally eat four grams of food daily. That means if you have a few scraps here and there, then that’s enough to feed a mouse in your home for days. If you vacuum your home, wipe down most of the counters, and eliminate food residues on the floor of your house, that will help tame the invasion of mice.
  3. Using CatsThe legendary Tom and Jerry cartoon series is enough to teach you an effective way of dealing with mice. Simply put, all you have to do is adopt a cat in your home. Most cats love to hunt mice. That is the best way of dealing with your rodent problem without even lifting a finger. So, if you don’t have pets, then you should stop watching all the cat videos online and get one for yourself.
  4. Use Mice RepellantSeveral smells will completely scare away mice from your home. One of them is the smell of garlic, but the best option is peppermint. Mice have a sharp sense of smell. So, if you use these scents in your home, they will try to avoid your house.
  5. Use Aluminum foilUsing aluminum foil might sound like something out of the ordinary, but this is kryptonite to mice. There’s something about aluminum that really spooks mice, and they will stay away from any aluminum foil. Lay down the foil in areas you feel may have a high  concentration of mice.

In Summary

Well, there you have it! It’s not always about killing mice. You can also find humane, yet effective ways, of dealing with your mouse problem without having to eliminate these species. All in all, if you have a really serious mouse problem, then it’s time to call a professional pest removal service.