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Scare geese

How to scare geese and frighten them away?

Geese can be beautiful—but they can also be a great nuisance if they happen to take a liking to your property. Scaring away geese may seem easy, but as anyone who has been on the wrong end of a goose chase knows, they can be stubborn. If you want to know how to scare geese and frighten them away, consider the following guide that will help ensure geese are too scared to stay on your property for very long.

Allow your dog to bark at geese or play dog barking noises in the yard

If you have a dog, you should allow them to bark at geese; this will frighten the geese, which will naturally be afraid of predators and will, therefore, want to avoid your yard as much as possible. It’s important to never let your dog attack the geese, so be sure to monitor your dog when they are in the yard and keep them on a leash so they can’t go dashing after runaway geese.

If you don’t have a dog, you can consider playing loud dog barking noises in your yard when the geese are present. This should be loud enough to be startling and noticeable, which will increase the chances that the geese will run away.

Grow your grass taller to make them feel unprotected

One of the ways you can make geese fearful of your property is by growing your grass taller, or specifically planting tall types of grass so that the geese will not feel protected. This will make the geese feel more anxious and less likely to stay.

Set up moving predator decoys

You can also scare geese with predator decoys. If you want the best results, the decoys need to be on some sort of swivel, which will boost the illusion that they are real. Geese are more likely to run away from a moving predator decoy than a stationary one. If the geese continue returning, make sure that you move the decoy around the yard so that it’s not in the same spot every time that they return.

Play loud sounds to frighten geese

Another option for frightening away geese is to play loud noises. Loud noises will make them fearful and increase the chances that they will fly away as soon as possible. Loud noises can include physically banging pots and pans together outside, as well as playing loud music. Alternate the loud noises you make every time you encounter geese so that they won’t get acclimated.

Chase geese (with caution)

Finally, you can scare geese off your property by chasing them away. However, make sure you try this method with caution. Geese can be aggressive, and you don’t want to be on the wrong end of a flock of geese. Carry a large broom with you to “shoo” the geese away.

If you want to scare geese off your property, try the above tips!