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How To Keep Foxes Off Your Property?

So, you have trouble with foxes? Well, we must have had you in mind. Even though foxes pose little or no danger to humans, they can plunge you into endless losses. They can kill and feed on your livestock, eat pet food, attack small dogs, and perhaps topple your trash bin. Fortunately, you can successfully control foxes through DIY ways. Ready to get started? Well, below are the

Steps to get you started.

  1. Understand the likes and dislikes of a fox. Is it essential to know what foxes like and what they hate? Well, for you to keep foxes away from your property, this step is essential. Knowing what these bush dogs like will help you to do away with all the possible attractants. On the other hand, knowing what they hate will help you to choose the right deterrent.
    • What a fox likes
      • Nighttime (Darkness)
      • A reliable food source
      • Peaceful and quiet environment
      • Secluded areas
      • Security
    • What a fox hates
      • Loud noises
      • Sudden movements
      • Flashlights or vibrations
      • Surprises
  2. Employ fox repellants
    The use of repellants to keep foxes away from your home is one of the humane ways of keeping these canines off. Below are some of the proven repellants that you can try out.

    • Use of human hair: Foxes fear human beings. And therefore associate the smell of hair to the presence of their enemies. To use this method, get some hair from the local hairdresser or barber shop. After that, put the hair inside a stocking or any other porous material to conceal it and allow the smell to diffuse out. This scares the fox away.
    • Install automatic water pistons: This works for keeping the fox from getting into your garden or orchard. The water pistons use motion sensors and spray only when there is a motion. However, it’s not selective, so it can spray water several times even when your cat moves around.
    • Use ultrasonic fox repellants: These are electronic devices that produce an irritating high-pitched sound. The sound can only be heard by animals while remaining unnoticed to humans. You can set these devices at the main fox entrances to your garden. Also, remember to rotate them around the garden after a few days to get the best results.
    • Install flashlights fitted with motion sensors: Since a fox loves darkness, surprise flashlight can scare it off. This can also keep away other pests such as raccoons and opossums.
    • Repel a fox with harsh smelling compounds: You can use compounds such as boiled chilli pepper solution, or garlic spray around the home. You can also buy a fox repellant from a nearby store if you do not want to make your own.
    • Use of male human urine: This not only repels the fox but also inflicts fear of being in an enemy’s territory.
  3. Mend your fence or erect a new one: When you spot a fox in your compound, check for gaps or damaged parts and seal the entry points. If you don’t have a proper fence, you can buy a chain link from your nearby store and erect it at six feet high. Since a fox is an excellent digger, burry a hardware cloth 1 foot deep to prevent the fox from digging into your compound.

  4. Remove fox attractants: Cover your garbage and fence off your garden and livestock unit. Also, feed your pets indoors to avoid the foxes eating your pet’s food.
  5. Trapping the foxes and relocating them: You can use a baited live cage trap to catch foxes and relocate them at least 10 miles away.

With the above-highlighted techniques, keeping foxes off your property can be easier than you would have ever thought. What next? Make it work for you. And if you can’t handle it on your own, call a professional wildlife remover to help you keep foxes away.