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keep fox out of garbage

How to Keep Foxes Out of Your Garbage Trash

Foxes are real pests whenever they gain access to your property. Since they’re scavengers and love easily accessible food, garbage bins become their primary attraction site. And that’s why you’re likely to find your yard littered will all sorts of garbage. If you’re wary of this messy behavior, the following ways can help you keep foxes out of your garbage area.

    1. Fence off your property
      The best way to keep foxes out of your property for good is through fencing. A proper fence will prevent these wild animals from gaining access to any part of your home. If you’re not yet ready to invest in a perimeter fencing, then you can fence your trash area. This will help to keep not only foxes away, but also other wild animals.
    2. Use fox-proof garbage cans
      There are many types of garbage cans available in the market ranging from plastic to metallic.
      • Metallic garbage bins— They are mostly preferred due to their heavy weight. As such, they cannot be easily toppled by most of the nocturnal scavengers.
      • Plastic garbage bins— They’re a great alternative to the metallic cans, but at times, they can be tipped over by agile foxes. Therefore, ensure the garbage bin is fastened on a firm post or a tree using high tensile strength wires.
      • Garbage bin locks— These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even though they can be expensive, they’re worth your money. They keep your garbage safe from the scavenging animals and possible spillover.
    3. Use chemical deterrents
      These are chemicals or compounds that produce a smell that foxes fear or hate. As such, the foxes will avoid the areas in which they’re applied. Such chemicals include:
      • Commercial fox repellant spray— You can order this online or head to your brick and mortar store and find if it’s locally available. At times they can be expensive and difficult to find.
      • Coyote urine— Foxes love peace. Therefore, getting the smell of another rival animal makes it fear that it may be in another animal’s territory. As a result, it will keep away from the area.
      • Dog poop—Foxes fear domestic dogs. Therefore, getting the smell of dog poop instills danger.
      • Home-made repellants—You can spray garlic or hot pepper spray on your garbage bin to deter the foxes from getting into your trash.
    4. Use motion-activated sprinklers and flashlights
      • Motion-activated sprinklers—This equipment sprays water whenever motion is detected. Since foxes hate surprises, this will keep them away.
      • Sensor-activated lights— They flash bright lights whenever motion is detected. Solar-powered light could be the best option in this case.
  • Use prickle strips
    If your garbage area is already fenced-off, adding a prickle strip gives another layer of security. It has strong and sharp spikes. As such, you can rest assured that foxes and other critters will not jump or climb over into your garbage bin. Interestingly, this method is cheap and highly effective.
  • Use of ultrasonic repellants
    These are devices that use infrared motion detectors to release a piercing screech that’s too high for a fox to bear. Therefore, it deters these animals from getting near your garbage.

With the above-discussed methods, keeping foxes out of your garbage bin shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a problem with using the above methods, you can call professional wildlife removal services for help.