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fox den

How to Get Rid of a Fox Den?

Foxes are solitary animals that prefer open country with some cover to hide their dens. In most cases, they like staying around a ranch or a farm near the woodlands. Typically, foxes prefer denning in abandoned burrows, rock piles, and hollow trees. However, in urban centers, they’re known to den and give birth under a deck, shed, or porch. Now, if you’re wary of the losses caused by foxes, you can get rid of their dens in the following steps.

  • Ensure the fox doesn’t have puppies before ejecting it out of the den.
    If you want to get rid of a fox den and find that there are young ones, wait until the puppies are at least two months old. At this time, they should be able to accompany the adult for hunts.
  • Make the denning environment unfavorable.
    If you want the fox to move out soon, consider making the environment as unfavorable as possible. To achieve that, you can use one of the following or a combination of them.
      • Making loud noise: Foxes love a peaceful and quiet environment. Therefore, loud noise will make the environment unconducive for them, prompting them to flee in search of a new denning site.
      • Use of ultrasonic devices near the den: These are devices that emit a high-pitched sound that is highly irritating to animals while remaining unnoticed to humans. With such irritation, the fox will have no option but to move to a new environment.
      • Use of repellants: You can use home-made or commercial repellants. Some of the home-made repellants that you can use include:
        • Hot pepper garlic solution around the den
        • Coyote urine
        • Human hair
        • Vinegar
        • Soap shavings

3. Scare the foxes away

      • Install flashlights or water sprinklers around the den to scare the animals any time they come close to their burrows.
      • Use a motion detector alarm.

4. Trap the foxes
When you can’t hold your patience anymore, and you just want the foxes out, you can consider trapping and relocating them. However, you should check with your local laws. Also, ensure there are no young puppies in the den before relocating the animal. If you need a special permit to relocate the foxes, then you need to contact your local wildlife removal experts to help.

5. Seal the dens
Once you’re sure that the foxes have relocated, the next crucial step involves sealing the dens.

o Close the entrance with logs, rocks, and bricks.
o Bury ½ hardware cloth about 10-12 inches into the ground and 12 feet all-round every potential entrance.

6. Repair fences or erect a new one where there is none.
 Fences are vital for preventive measures. If your fence is well maintained, you’re not likely to experience fox problems. Therefore you should inspect your fence regularly and find out if there are entry points. After that, seal all the possible entrances.

7. Remove attractants
This is one of the best preventive measures that can work great at preventing re-invasion of foxes. Usually, this dog family loves denning near food sources and water. Therefore, having open garbage, pets, and animal food can make your home the best denning site for foxes.

Note: Before deciding on the method to use in getting rid of a fox den, check with local laws, ordinances, and regulations that apply in the control of such wild animals.