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Out of the trash


Have you noticed rising coyote activity in your neighborhood? Tipped-over trash cans or attacks on pets may be a sign of coyotes moving into your area. With their natural habitat being destroyed, coyote have risen in numbers in urban and suburban spaces. Looking for a source of food, they often scavenge our garbage. But do not worry – we have few effective tips for you to help with keeping coyotes away from your trash.

Coyotes venture into your property in search of food and water. Piled trash is a treat for them and tempts coyotes with its smell. Those omnivores are scavengers that will dive into your garbage cans if they find the smell interesting, so eliminating it is the first step to keeping coyotes at bay. They feed on pretty much anything, so it’s crucial to keep your garbage tightly sealed and ideally in an animal-proof container. Your garbage cans should also be sealed with a cord so that they are not easily accessible. If you have enough space around your property, you may want to consider building a special shed for keeping trash cans inside. And the most important point – make sure you empty your garbage cans regularly and that the trash does not pile up.

You probably recall having a BBQ and feeding your dog under the table with some leftover meats? Well, with coyotes in the area you may want to reconsider that. Pieces of bones, meat, or any other food left on the ground will definitely tempt coyotes to venture into your yard. Any leftovers should be taken back home or thrown away in sealed bags and put into your trash bins, that are then secured with a cord for extra protection. Leftover food or water bowls can bring coyotes near your property and once they find them, they will try to explore other potential sources of food – like your garbage cans. That’s why it’s so important to keep your yard clean, especially after some kind of party or outside dinner.

If the coyotes are active in your area, you may want to consider building a fence around your property – including the area where you keep your trash cans. The taller the fence the better, as coyotes can jump over fences up to six-feet. If you want extra security, you can also consider installing a barbed wire or chicken wire on top of the fence. Remember that coyotes can dig under fences, so it is important to bury your fence quite deep.

If you don’t want coyotes wandering near your property, it is essential to keep the area with trash clean and tidy. Make sure that your garbage cans are secured and that your trash is thrown away in sealed, animal-proof bags. Remember to not leave any leftover food in your yard and consider building a high fence around your property.