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Shoot beavers


If your property has ever been ravaged by beavers, you may have considered exterminating them just to have some sanity. You may have tried quite a few fixes which have failed in the past and it feels like taking lethal action against these animals is the best way to proceed. You may want to put a pin in that plan however because annoying as they are, killing beavers is illegal in many states.

When it comes to eliminating these creatures, shooting is usually not the way to do it. There are many risks associated with shooting. For one, a stray bullet may harm other animals or even humans in the environment. Nobody wants to deal with the ensuing lawsuit of such costly mistakes. Moreover, some states have regulations against shooting or trapping animals for the purpose of killing, so it may be dangerous to do so.

Another reason why shooting beavers might be a bad idea is that they are considered an endangered species, therefore killing them may be violating major state laws against encroachment. Beaver populations dramatically reduced in the late nineties, leaving their population at 6-12 million. They are therefore considered endangered, which simply means shooting them may not be legal.

Beavers are important in a way as they help to create a new ecosystem for other animals. Their dams also create habitats for other animals, therefore killing them may directly or indirectly have an effect on the thriving ecosystem around them. So, to address the question of whether you can shoot a beaver or not, NO you cannot.

There are a few alternatives that may help to get rid of these troublesome animals that do not involve shooting them. One such method is to wait them out. Beavers, like every animal, need to feed. They will likely not stay long in a place where they cannot find any food. Beavers rarely travel more than 50 meters in search of food and so once all food in the vicinity has been depleted, they tend to pack up and leave. A way to hasten this process is to ensure that food is scarce by removing or blocking all food sources. Put a fence around food source including trees and twigs. Clear out the area to make sure that the beavers do not have access to food.

The option of repellents and perimeter fences can also be explored to discourage beaver populations from remaining in a location. It should be noted however that any methods chosen should not endanger the lives of the beavers.

The best way to handle beavers is to call the attention of professional animal control services. They are skilled in the art of trapping and relocating beavers to safe locations where they won’t constitute a nuisance to anyone. Their methods are swift and safe, and no beaver will be harmed in the process.