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Bat acting Strange

What to do if a bat is not scared of people, acting strange or is aggressive?

Whatever the animal may be, they typically don’t know whether they are sick or not. The only way you can determine if they are sick is through observing them. Bats are usually associated with different diseases, mostly with rabies which is an incurable viral infection. While not a large population of bats have this disease, it can still be alarming. However, when they get infected, it doesn’t show until the said virus is advanced. It stays dormant for a while and is only activated when the symptoms start to appear on the animal.

There are certain factors that can help determine if a bat is sick.

  • The bat takes flight frequently during the day.
    Bats are nocturnal creatures, so they tend to stay away from daylight. Finding out that a bat is regularly flying during the day is odd behavior.
  • The bat displays no fear of humans.
    Bats don’t usually come close to humans. In fact, they are often afraid of coming into contact with human beings. It’s important to note if they display this kind of behavior.
  • The bat is moving either strangely or aggressively.
    You can tell a bat is acting strange when they appear agitated on the ground. If not, they may be disoriented or seem as though they are paralyzed.

When you encounter a bat that displays these symptoms, it would be best to be cautious. If possible, you can temporarily capture the bat carefully and contact a veterinarian to identify if the bat is sick.

To safely contain the bat, the best way is to do it without actually getting a hold of the bat. Although you’re not directly making contact with the bat, be sure to wear protection such as gloves.

  1. Prepare your materials.
    You’re going to need a container. Whether it’s plastic or cardboard, what’s important is that it comes with a lid which you will need to properly secure the bat in the container. Also be sure that the container has air holes so as to not suffocate the bat.
  2. Approach the bat quietly.
    Slowly and quietly approach the target. It’s similar to catching a bug, wherein you have to be sure they don’t feel your presence. Carefully place the container over the bat, making sure none of its body parts are in the way.
  3. Slide the lid underneath the bat.
    Carefully slide the lid from under the bat. You can do this while they are on the ground or on a wall. Only lift the container enough to slide the lid in. Once it’s in place, you can snap the lid shut or tape the box together.

Safety tip: bats are very good at escaping. If you’ll be containing them, it’s best to use a container with a tight-fitting lid to make sure they don’t push it open. A box can work as well, as long as you secure it with tape and the like.